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Training & Rescue Equipment

Training & Rescue Equipment

Emergency Response Training Services aims to provide everything you will need for your Emergency Team, First Aiders, Casualty Room and for any incidents and emergencies.

We can supply the following equipment:

Carry Chairs

Casualty Room Equipment

Including: Instrument Trolleys, Casualty Couches, Privacy Screens, Wheelchairs


Including: Rescue and Industry Kits, Radio Accessories etc.

CPR and Training Manikins

Including: Ambu Pal, Little Anne, Juniors and Baby Manikins and accessories for all.

Defibrillators (see ZOLL products)


Including: Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter, Vital Signs Monitor, Pulse Oximeter, Otoscope, Opthalmoscope, Stethoscopes, Shygmomanometers, Digital Blood Pressure Monitors and Digital Thermometers.

Extrication Rescue Tools

Including: Rescue Cutters, Spreaders, Combination Tools, Rams, Rescue Pumps, Power Units, Struts and High Pressure Lifting Bags.

First Aid and Medical boxes (see First Aid Kits)

Green or Orange plastic first aid kit boxes in all sizes and shapes as well as metal cabinets for walls.

Major Incident Response

Including: Triage Tags, Triage Kits and Shelters.

Multi-purpose Tools

Including: Universal Scissors, Knives and Multi-purpose Tools.

Oxygen, Resuscitation and Airway Equipment

Including: Oxy-Therapy Kits, Reusable Resuscitators, Disposable Reuscitators, Oxygen Regulators, Gauges and Valves, Resuscitation Masks, Suction Units, Laryngoscope Systems, Guedel/Oral Airway, Intubation and Endotracheal Tubes and Nasopharyngeal Airways.


Including: Ops Gloves, Barrier Extrication, Rope Rescue Gloves, Knee Pads, Hats, Face Masks and Filters, Latex Gloves, Infection Control Kits and High Vis Vests.

Rescue Harnesses

Including: Full Body Harnesses, Fire-Rescue Harnesses, Lifesaver Victim Harnesses, Rappel Belt and Leg Loops, Triangular Harness and Patient Lifting Sling.

Rescue and Escape Kits

Including: Directional Rope Guidance Systems, Survivor Escape and RIT Kits.

Rope and Rope Rescue Accessories

Including: All types of ropes, gloves and bags for rescue also all the hardware equipment to go with the ropes.

Softpacks, Vests and Holsters

Including: Professional/Trauma Kits of various sizes, Responder Kits, Emergency Medical packs, Patrol Packs, Airway Management Kits, Oxygen Carry Kits, Backpack Kits, First Responder Vests, Softpack First Aid Kits, Intubation Kits, I.V. Kits, Medication Kits, Belt Holsters and Glove Pouches, and Rescue Com-Centre Radio Harnesses.

Spinal Care

Including: Backboards, Extrication Devices, Spinal Splints, Scoop Stretchers, Head Immobilisers, Stiffneck Collars.


Including: Soft, Air and Vacuum splints and Traction Devices.


Including: Ambulance Stretchers, Transfer Boards, Basket Stretchers, Vertical Rescue Stretchers, Rescue Stretchers, Evacuation Stretchers.

Torches and Reflective Gear

Including: Maglites of different sizes and Headlamps.

Water Rescue

Including: Rescue Board, Whistles, Line Deployment Kits and Water Rescue Kits.

Wound Care

Including: Burnshield, Fire Trauma Blankets and Burns Rescue Kits.

For information and a quote for any of the above products please contact us on 07 3200 1392 or email us on

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